Jacquie Kaye


What food am I?

January, 2020

Here’s a quick quiz. Can you guess the answer?

Low in fat and a good source of protein, yet people often believe I’m high in fat. Found in the sea, you can curry me, add me to pasta dishes, eat me in salads, sandwiches or even throw me on the barbeque.

This time of year brings about socializing and barbeques and lots of food choices. Barbeques are normally a great place to provide high fat snacks and nibbles accompanied by steak, sizzling sausages or even some chicken wings. Generally most of these options, other than lean steak are high in fat. Why not use what is so plentiful in this area? Seafood! Prawns (the answer to the quiz), calamari, crab, bugs and fish are all delicious cooked on a barbeque and so quick and easy. Feel free to marinate the above foods in a little honey soy sauce if you like or even add some lime juice to a sweet chilli sauce and you will have a wonderful taste.

Why not even barbeque some vegetables for something different? Field Mushrooms, asparagus, egg plant, zucchini even sweet corn all taste wonderful cooked on the barbeque. Accompany these foods with fresh wholegrain breads and bowls of salads (without creamy dressings) you have created not only a fantastic taste experience for you and your guests but you are eating really well for your body.

To finish your meal up why not end with barbeque mango! Cut a lemon in half and wipe the grill down with the lemon. Cut the mango cheek into a scored diamond pattern and drizzle a little brandy or port over the mango. Place the mango cheek, flesh side down over the barbeque and cook until the mango is warmed through. Serve a dollop of the lovely local yoghurt and you will be in heaven!

When you “Eat Well”, you will “Feel Better”. Celebrations don’t have to be about feeling overfull and over eating. It is all about making food taste good. Learn to use foods that are available in your local area you will find your foods taste even better!

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