Eat a Rainbow

May, 2018

Tips to boost your vegetable intake:

1) Add vegetables to your breakfast: maybe some nice tomato, mushroom and baby spinach with your eggs or some corn in fritters.

2) Add veg to your one pot meals: a layer of zuchinni or spinach in your lasagne, or some extra tomato and eggplant or even legumes in your stew. One pot meals are perfect for packing in extra veg.

3) Veg as snacks: Get some extra vegetables via snacks such as cucumber and cream cheese, celery and peanut butter or capsicum and hommus.

4) Vegetables in disguise: blending or pureeing vegetables and addig them to meals as part of the sauce or base can be an easy way to increase vegetable intake too.

5) Try a new vegetable: as I’ve said before “EAT A RAINBOW” is a fantatsic way to remember to consume a variety of fruits and veg to help us get all our nutritients. Is there a particular colour vegeteble that you miss out on? Why not try adding one new vegetable this week to help eat the rainbow.

The options are endless! If you have some creative ideas, I’d love to hear them.

If you are looking for more information please feel free to give us a call.



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