Jacquie Kaye


What food am I?

February, 2020

Here’s a quick quiz. Can you guess the answer?

I am a delicious dessert claimed as an Australian icon, I am low in fat until I am covered with cream. I was created by a miner turned caterer in Western Australia in 1934 and I am named after a ballerina. What dessert is this?

By now the celebration part of the year is well and truly over and many trying to loose the excess weight which has been gained over the past couple of months. Drastic diets which are advertised in magazines and the media will not assist with long term weight loss and in some cases may make the dieter quite ill. Weight loss is achieved by incorporating lots of fruit and vegetables with wholegrain breads, pastas and rice and moderate amounts of meats and low fat dairy products. Start noticing how much treat foods you eat over a day. Do you drink soft drink, the occasional lolly or even small piece of Christmas cake? If so try to start cutting these foods back, Remember to still have these treat foods occasionally but not everyday.

Do you do any activity? If not start to include small amounts into your day; a short walk to the bay or shops, or perhaps some gardening. By starting to get out and move you are on the way to improving your overall health. Exercise does not have to be an intense 40 minute run to be effective, it just has to be more than you already do! Set yourself small changes to make rather than drastic ones and you will be surprised with how much better you will start to feel.

Remember to include some treat foods and make sure they are ones you really enjoy. If entertaining in this wonderful warmth why not offer a healthier alternative for dessert. Try mixing half ricotta with half light cream and topping a Pavlova (answer to quiz) with mango, passion fruit and strawberries.

You have successfully changed a delicious dessert to a healthier alterative that still tastes great. As you eat this wonderful dessert really slow down to taste what you are eating, take your time and experience the food. Too often food is gulped down without us even registering what has been eaten. A way to better health and better food is to slow down, taste the food that you are eating and remember to keep food simple, good basic foods are the key to good health and great taste!

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